My Dream Light Ark

My Dream Lights feature a child-friendly, safe LED colour changing night light which is ideal for children from 0-99! With a range of on-trend designs parents are bound to find the perfect match to their child’s bedroom theme and style. This sleek, timeless night light comes complete with its own remote which can be used to change the Dream Light to 13 different colours, a sequence of rainbow colours, reading light, dim overnight setting and an optional timer setting.  This much-loved night light is sure to be a HUGE hit with your children.


My Dream Lights are plug-in only lights and come complete with a plug and cord to run all night. 




Power Source: plugin

Dimensions: 27 x 15 x 5cm approx. depending on design

LED lights – low power consumption and never get hot or need replacing

Use on colour changing mode or set to one static colour

Timer: Use the remote to set the 1-hour timer or leave on all night

Set the dimmer: 4 levels of brightness

Emits enough light to read by when on white light on the brightest setting

For minimal light use the red light on the lowest setting – sleep mode (half-moon button).

The rainbow colour changing function gently scrolls through all the colours providing enough light to feed, change and check on sleeping tots.