My Dream Light Dinosaur

If your little munchkin loves all things dinosaur then they will adore the Dinosaur LED My Dream Night Light. This light will help keep them calm and feel at ease when it's time for lights out. With the remote control they can decide which colour they would like it set to and if they want it on a timer.


This light is action packed with features:


Sleep Level - the Sleep Button auto-lowers the brightness levels to low levels which is perfect for sleeping.

Sleep Timer - this turns the light off after one hour.

Colour Changing - you can set the colour or alternatively allow the auto-colour button to gently cycle through all 12 colours.

Side Lamp - this feature activates a pure white light at its brightest level.

Dimensions - 20cm x 14cm.

It is simple to setup. Just slot the upright into the base. Connect the base to power supply and plug in. Use the remote control to select colours and functions.


Power Source: Transformer (240V)


Wattage varies between 0.5 to 0.1 watts.


Designed in Australia by Delight Decor.


*WARNING: Remote contains coin/button battery. Hazardous if swallowed.