MR FROSTY Crunchy Ice Maker

The Crunchy Ice Maker from Mr Frosty is a delightful playset for your kids on any season

Let your kids create their fruity ice shapes, ice lollipops, crunchy ice, and any other icy desserts while making refreshing drinks with Mr Frosty's hat. For a complete frosty experience, you can also store your child's favourite juice or cordial on the squeezy penguin dispenser.

Mr Frosty is an all-around ice-making toy brand for kids. Adults will love it too, as this retro toy brings back fond memories. It's perfect for lots of hours making treats in the kitchen. Go ahead, put your chef hats on and make those delicious snacks you've been dreaming!


  • Mr Frosty The Crunchy Ice Maker is a 12-piece playset contains:
    • 1 Mr Frosty The Ice Crunchy Maker
    • 3 Ice Lolly Moulds
    • 2 Mr Frosty Spoons
    • 1 Penguin Juice Dispenser
    • 2 Shaped Ice Tray Moulds
    • 2 Mr Frosty Bowls
  • The Ice Crunchy Maker is an easy to operate dessert and beverage maker that kids and adults will love.
  • Helps develop motor skills and creativity in the kitchen
  • Kids get to learn how to create icy sweets and drinks such as crushed ice sundaes, lollies, fruity ice shapes, iced fruity beverages, and more.
  • Dimensions: 17cm x 19cm x 23.80cm
  • Great for kids ages 3 years old onwards.

Indulge your kids on a fun and delicious frozen treats with Mr Frosty The Ice Crunchy Maker.