SF - Rainbow fun Nursery Bus

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*The Rainbow Fun Nursery Bus is a triple-decker nursery bus that seats 28 babies (including cradled babies).
*The bus folds out into a fun play area for the babies.
*The seats turn into a merry-go-round, swing, slide, see-saw, piano and baby carriage.
*Any babies, including the cradled babies, can sit in the merry-go-round and baby carriage.
*The ropes of the swing can be used as seatbelts on the bus.
*Charming design with weather motifs such as suns and moons on the bus and seats.

*Combine with the Sunny Castle Nursery and Nursery Sandbox & Pool (sold separately) to make a nursery that looks like a big castle.
*Combine with the Sunny Castle Nursery, Nursery Sandbox & Pool, Nursery Swing, Nursery Friends Sets and Flora Rabbit Family (sold separately) for even more fun.
*Combine with babies, including cradled babies (sold separately).